Fantasy RPG

What is it?


Athendria is not the graceful land it used to be. A few weeks a ago a horde of ancient creatures, vial and vicious in nature, awoke from their supposed eternal slumber. We need your help to fight back this horde of monsters and save Athendria!



Character & Class System

The player is able to create multiple characters on their account and assign a character to one of the 3 classes: Marksman, Sorcerer, or Warrior. Each class has set limitations on what equipment they are able to use in combat.

Skill System

A system that uses skill points (points that are gained when a player levels up) to unlock perks in either Health, Strength, Agility, or Intelect. Certain weapons or armour pieces may have level requirements within each of these four categories.

Level System

Across the land, monsters are scattered everywhere. By killing them, in addition to completing quests, and dungeon runs, the player may be rewarded with experience points. These experience points can not be taken from the player, and the more of them that the player has, the higher their in game level will be. Increasing player level will permit the use of more powerful gear, allowing the player to enter new areas, try new dungeons, and complete new quests.

Custom Monsters

Allows monsters in Athendria to be fully customisable. This includes but not limited to; The equipment that they wear, The weapons they wield, The items they drop and the drop rates associated with those items, Their meta data attributes such as walk speed, base attack damage and follow range, The amount of health that they have ranging from 1 to a theoretical 2 billion, and the amount of xp they drop on death


Non playable characters will be located across the map, many of which have their own respective quests. By clicking on one such NPC, a player may choose to embark on such a quest. Upon completing it, the NPC will then reward them with either items, gold, or experience points.


Across the map, players will be able to enter dungeons, in which they will need to travel through, completing specific tasks to advance onward. At the end, the player will need to fight a dungeon boss. Upon killing it, the player may be rewarded with experience points, gold, or items

Fragments & Forging

Fragments can be gathered from mob drops, dungeon loot, quest items, and so on. These fragments, when forged together, will be how you obtain weapon and armor pieces in game.

Party System

A system allowing you to group up with other players that allows for xp sharing!


By using a series of click combinations, spells can be casted from specific weapons based on the class of the players choosing. Spells can be obtained by travelling through the land, and discovering spell scrolls. Once unlocked, a player can then bind a spell to a click combination of their choosing.

Banking System, Trading & Economy

The currency of Athendria is gold. 64 golden fragments equal a gold bar, and 64 gold bars equal a gold block. Gold, along with other possessions can be stored within a private vault, or ender chest of sorts, accessible at major banks within every city. These same items can also be traded amongst players.