Enhanced Survival

What is it?


A new way to define the survival experience in Minecraft. Mellow gives Minecraft survival a much needed enhancing by adding new mechanics and elements to this gamemode. In doing so, it makes it much more enjoyable to play and it gives the player more than one goal to strive for. In addition, some vanilla mechanics have been tweaked.



Fresh Terrain

The terrain is freshy generated using the latest Minecraft version. This is done to keep the world fresh for any changes made in the new version.

Mob Capturing

Using a Good, Great, or Excellent egg, you can turn a mob back into its spawn egg!

More Ores

When mining, you have the chance to run into a dense ore vein which will give you more ore!

High Speed Minecarts

Placing a redstone block underneath a powered rail will make a minecart move faster than flying in creative mode! Do be carful around corners though!

Mine Tinker

A system that allows you to level up your equipment and add modifiers to them. This allows them to perform better.


Placing 2 emerald blocks, one above another, will create an instant elevator! You can now move between floors instantly!

Dimension Shifting

The Nether, Overworld, and The End have been chained together! You can travel to any dimension if you fly high or fall low enough!

Holographic Item Names

Any item that is dropped in the world will have its name displayed above it. If it's a custom item, it will also glow!

Chat Bubbles

Whenever you chat, a speech bubble will appear above your head for everyone to see!

Withdraw Money & Xp

You can withdraw money as a physcial item and even give vouchers to other players! You can also withdraw your xp into bottles for storage!

Fun Heads

Every mob has the chance to drop their head! In addition, Zombies and Skeletons have the chance to spawn with a custom head which is dropped on death.

Silktouch Spawners

If mining a spawner with a pickaxe that has silktouch, you will get that spawner as a dropped item!

Bedrock Acid

Craft a special potion which has the ability to melt bedrock away!

Dragon Names

Ender Dragons will spawn with a randomised name. When killed, they will drop their named egg, elytra, and head.

Resource Bank

An upgradeable virtual bank that can be used to hold all raw materials you gather! Can store a maximum of 400 unique items!

Item Exchange

A global server exchange system that allows you to sell any item you want for any price you want, provided someone buys it.

Server Shop

A shop allowing you to sell some types of raw materials to. However, you can only buy from it what players have sold to it!

Advanced Crafting

A true custom crafting system that allows the crafting of custom items, tools, and weapons!