Mellow Changelog

Change log 16/01/2021

  • Fixed ender dragon not spawning
  • Fixed items disappearing at spawn and close to 0,0 in the nether
  • Made adjustments to mob spawn rates to help with TPS
  • Death messages now show in chat
  • /recipebook now works and shows basic and advanced recipes
  • Made lodestone cheaper to craft so players can make more homes. The recipe is the same as the vanilla one but using a gold ingot instead of a netherite ingot
  • Fixed smiley faces, sad faces, and hearts not showing correctly in chat
  • Added ArtMap, you can now create map art! /artmap
  • Fixed weird issue with lodestones not working correctly. Do note that you CANNOT pick up lodestones after they have been placed. Only placing ‘Holy Lodestones’ will work as setting a new home. This will change with a future update.

Vertex Premium will be coming soon if you’d like to support the server. All the funds go to buying a much more powerful server for you all to play on! Vertex Premium comes in bronze, silver, and gold variants and is a lifetime rank. The perks are all cosmetic and don’t affect progression as we’re not pay to win. The list of perks is a little small right now but it will grow as we’re able to add more things. Perks added to a premium rank in the future will not have to be payed for, you will just get them if you have already bought the rank.

That’s all for now, happy crafting!



Website Overhaul

Hello there! I am here to announce that we have a brand new overhauled website! Gone is the old video of the hub and gone is the old scheme. Some changes to note are as follows:

  • We now have a ‘News’ page where you can view current and past updates to the network. Anytime a new post becomes available it will be posted in announcements channel in our discord.
  • Each of our game mode pages have had a makeover and provide better insights to what features it has.
  • Premium has been redacted as we feel it is incomplete and will be released when we have suitable infrastructure in place for it.
  • We have an ‘Apply’ page where you can find links to any applications if you wish to write an application to join the Vertex team! As of writing this builder and web developer applications are open.
  • We have a ‘Storage’ page. Here you can find various download links for resourcepacks and maps. In the future other resources will be made available in here.
  • The mobile view of the website is now a lot more compatible. It works on the majority of devices (Really old devices might have a few hiccups).

We’re still tuning the website so there may be a few kinks we’ve not ironed out yet (spelling mistakes, incorrect styling etc.).

That’s all for now, stay tuned for some future posts! Thanks for sticking around!