Mellow Changelog

Change log 16/01/2021

  • Fixed ender dragon not spawning
  • Fixed items disappearing at spawn and close to 0,0 in the nether
  • Made adjustments to mob spawn rates to help with TPS
  • Death messages now show in chat
  • /recipebook now works and shows basic and advanced recipes
  • Made lodestone cheaper to craft so players can make more homes. The recipe is the same as the vanilla one but using a gold ingot instead of a netherite ingot
  • Fixed smiley faces, sad faces, and hearts not showing correctly in chat
  • Added ArtMap, you can now create map art! /artmap
  • Fixed weird issue with lodestones not working correctly. Do note that you CANNOT pick up lodestones after they have been placed. Only placing ‘Holy Lodestones’ will work as setting a new home. This will change with a future update.

Vertex Premium will be coming soon if you’d like to support the server. All the funds go to buying a much more powerful server for you all to play on! Vertex Premium comes in bronze, silver, and gold variants and is a lifetime rank. The perks are all cosmetic and don’t affect progression as we’re not pay to win. The list of perks is a little small right now but it will grow as we’re able to add more things. Perks added to a premium rank in the future will not have to be payed for, you will just get them if you have already bought the rank.

That’s all for now, happy crafting!