Website Overhaul

Hello there! I am here to announce that we have a brand new overhauled website! Gone is the old video of the hub and gone is the old scheme. Some changes to note are as follows:

  • We now have a ‘News’ page where you can view current and past updates to the network. Anytime a new post becomes available it will be posted in announcements channel in our discord.
  • Each of our game mode pages have had a makeover and provide better insights to what features it has.
  • Premium has been redacted as we feel it is incomplete and will be released when we have suitable infrastructure in place for it.
  • We have an ‘Apply’ page where you can find links to any applications if you wish to write an application to join the Vertex team! As of writing this builder and web developer applications are open.
  • We have a ‘Storage’ page. Here you can find various download links for resourcepacks and maps. In the future other resources will be made available in here.
  • The mobile view of the website is now a lot more compatible. It works on the majority of devices (Really old devices might have a few hiccups).

We’re still tuning the website so there may be a few kinks we’ve not ironed out yet (spelling mistakes, incorrect styling etc.).

That’s all for now, stay tuned for some future posts! Thanks for sticking around!