Update on what’s happening

Hello everyone, I know its been somewhat of a long time since our last post. So what’s been going on since January?

Some progress has been made to the Athendria map in the way of builds, lore writing, quest building, and resource pack refinement. Below is a screenshot of Cryx.

However, progress is a tad slow because this is a volunteer project and no one is forced to be here. Motivation is at an all time low for builders at the moment, not that I can blame them. Building an RPG is no easy task. Over the next few weeks we plan to do some re-structing of the various content teams to ensure they’re a lot more sustainable and that people know what to get on with.

On the development side of things, I’ve made a massive leaps in progress with the new version of Core. For those of you who don’t know, VertexCore (some people just refer to it as Core) is the main foundation that a lot of Vertex infrastructure is built upon. I’m very adamant about performance, cleanness of code and robustness which is why it takes a long time for a big update for Core to come out.

This has also been the reason why I have not been able to tend to many fixes / changes / updates to our Mellow gamemode (as much as I would really want to). At the time, new people were arriving and I wanted to give them something to play with. So I had to quickly port an older version of Core to 1.16.4.

Core has been in the works for nearly 2 and a half years. So I’ve spent my fair share of refactoring and optimisation. The current version the server runs as of this post is 0.5.3, or in Mellows case, 0.5.4. I’ve been working on 0.6.0 since around September of 2020. It includes a vast number of new features including things such as: a much more efficient parser with auto-generated tab complete and documentation, a more expansive GUI framework, and a lot better security.

I’ll personally be starting a BTS (Behind the scenes) line of posts that will get published once a month at the start of each month, giving highlights of what progress has been made and generally stuff that has gone on inside Vertex.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you 1st/2nd of April when the first BTS goes up! Thanks for sticking with us <3