Vertex was started with the initiative to liven up the Minecraft experience through the use of custom-built plugins. Why rely on 10's if not 100's of other developers to update and maintain their plugins if you can do it yourself?

Developing bespoke plugins would mean faster bug fixing, greater control over how plugins behave, and can also aid in plugin compatibility.

Creating a lot of features and mechanics that you once relied on other developers to do means a much larger codebase to manage. To combat this, greater organisation and the development of elegant backend systems would need to be designed to reduce code bloat and aid in feature building. Our implementation for the solution to this problem is Arc.

Arc functions as a platform that allows features to be rapidly built. You spend less time writing code for sub-systems and more time writing code for your feature.

  • Arc has standardised the way commands and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are written so it's more robust and a lot simpler to write for.
  • Arc has no additional dependencies from other plugins by default to lessen dependency hell.
  • Arc provides modularity by allowing you to develop modules that can be hot-swapped in and out of the server at runtime.
  • Arc also functions as an expanded API for features like NPCs, Emulated Crafting, and Customisable Mobs to name a few.

This project was started in early 2019 and has continued non-stop ever since.


  • Vertex Founded

    Vertex was founded on May 17th 2019.

  • Mellow Alpha Launch

    We launch our first game mode, Mellow. Survival Minecraft with some new mechanics added into the mix.

  • Mellow Alpha 2

    Alpha 2 is launched with a bunch more mechanics along with some special Halloween items!

  • Mellow Beta

    Mellow goes into its beta phase.

  • Mellow Release

    Mellow gets its full release.

  • Realm of Allura joins Vertex

    A minecraft server community known as Realm of Allura (previously known as World of Atlas) has merged with us.

  • Mellow re-release

    Mellow gets a re-release with our new members from Allura.

  • Major Organisation Re-structure

    Vertex has a major restructure of the way it operates.

  • Allura Release & end of classic Vertex

    Allura is released. Our 4th map reset. Alongside this, the end of the classic era of Vertex. The last two and a half years have provided a lot of experience for a new architecture to spawn.

Plugin Architecture

  • LavRPG

    February 2019 - May 2019

    v0.0.1 - v0.3.2

  • VertexCore

    May 2019 - August 2021

    v0.3.3 - v0.5.3

  • Arc

    September 2021 +

    v1.0.0 - ?

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We are the main 4 who run Vertex. There are many of us working on this project! You can see who we are and what our role is.


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