Born from a burning passion to create something that is new and fresh, we bring you Vertex! Lead by a team of dedicated people, skilled in their respective areas of expertise, we strive to create experiences within Minecraft that have yet to be seen. We have made it our mission to prioritize player gameplay experience, as none of our game modes are by any means pay to win, and it is of upmost importance to us, that we create an experience that is enjoyable for all.

Our Story

  • Vertex Founded

    Vertex was founded on May 17th 2019 from the merging of two communities.

  • Mellow Alpha Launch

    We launch our first game mode, Mellow. Survival Minecraft with some new mechanics added into the mix.

  • Mellow Alpha 2

    Alpha 2 is launched with a bunch more mechanics along with some special Halloween items!

  • Heavy Athendria Development

    Athendria getting a re-design and being placed under heavy development.

  • Mellow Beta

    Mellow goes into its beta phase.

  • Mellow Release

    Mellow gets its full release.

  • Realm of Allura joins Vertex

    A minecraft server community known as Realm of Allura (previously known as World of Atlas) has merged with us.

  • Lore Applications open

    Lore applications were opened for Athendria.

  • Mellow re-release

    Mellow gets a re-release with our new members from Allura.

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We are the main 5 who run There are many of us working on this project! You can see who we are and what our role is.


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