Below are some frequently asked questions about vertex. If you have any other questions regarding us, do feel free to ping an operator in our discord.

  • What version does the network run on?

    The version that the network run on changes from time to time but it will usually be the latest release version of Minecraft.

  • How long has Vertex existed for?

    Vertex was created from from the merging of two older communities and has existed since May 17th 2019.

  • What is the goal of Vertex?

    Vertex aims to be an entity that is not another clone of typical factions, skyblock and pvp servers. We focus more on creating an awesome expierence for the players. We are not and we hate pay to win. We believe all players should have a fair baseline to start from. That baseline should not be decided on wealth but on how you play the game. We want to be an entity that works as a team to accomplish goals.

  • What type of server does vertex run on?

    Vertex runs on paper mc! Why? It's a lot more optimised than regular full-fat spigot. Performance is everything!

  • Who owns Vertex?

    Vertex has no single owner. Unlike a lot of other servers which have owners and co-owners, Vertex does not have any of these ranks. Instead, Vertex is run by 5 operators. It's designed like this because no one person should ever have absolute power, for everyone has their own biases. Any major change to the server network wil be dicussed and voted upon between the 5 of us. 5 because there will always be an odd vote number.

  • Where do I post bug reports?

    Bug reports can be posted in the #bug-reports section on our discord.

  • I've applied how long until I get a response?

    Generally speaking, we will get back to you within 48 hours upon submitting your application. Feel free to let us know you have applied. Some applications (like developer) will take a bit longer. We have other commitments outside of Vertex which we attend to which is the reason for this delay.

  • A player is breaking rules on the server, who do I contact?

    You can @ one of our moderators on our discord. If you can't get hold of any of them, then feel free to @ an operator.

  • Who is your hosting provider?

    MiniCenter! Which is ran by one of our operators. We self host our own servers.

  • When will Athendria be released?

    When we feel we're in a position to do so. Athendria is still in it's early phases and thus a date for when it will open is uncertain. However it is in heavy active development so we're hoping to have an alpha later this year (2020) or early next year (2021).

  • When will Meltdown be released?

    Meltdown is still in the planning phases and is not due for a release for some time. However, alot of infrastructure is being built for it to make developing it faster.

  • Where is the forum?

    We don't have the funds nor the staff or time to build and police a forum. For now, we are just using discord as a platform for announcements, discussion, and anything else related to Vertex. You can also view the latest network news on the 'News' page.

  • Can I apply for staff?

    Yes. You can apply for either the Lore Writer position on the Content Team or the Builder Position, all other current applications for other positions are closed during this time. All applications can be found in the apply section on our Discord server.

  • Can I use mods on your server?

    You may use mods that enhance performance (like optifine) and mods that show a minimap or provide a map. Other than that, you must check with an Operator.

  • What is the server IP?

    It's play.vertexmc.org, though you could of gotten this by clicking the 'IP' button the home page.

  • I have a question not listed here

    Join our discord and post the question in #inquiries. A member of staff or an operator will assist you.