Something different

Fast Updates

We have few dependencies. This allows us to upgrade to newer versions of Minecraft faster than other servers!

Custom Code

Most of our features are custom coded. This allows more granular control and faster bug fixing!


We're always looking for ways to improve the overall server experience for the players!


Vote for the features, mechanics and changes you want to see on the server!

Image of Vertex Logo

What is Vertex?

We're a team of people developing game modes and experiences for the game commonly known as Minecraft.

We're a community driven server with the motive to create something new and fresh. We're not aiming to be the next factions / pvp / skyblock. We want to try something different.


Like regular survival but with a package of extra goodies! Custom items, mobs, and mechanics!

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Loose yourself in a fantasy adventure! Complete quests which are more than just fetch tasks! Conquer dungeons to slay mighty beasts!

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All alone on a deserted planet. Anarchy spreads like a death fog. Gather resources, research technologies and stay alive. Others are out there. If you hide, they will come.

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