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Welcome to one of the far niche corners of the internet. I invite you to explore a little. Whether you're into building or warfare, I'm optimistic we can find a cocktail of experiences for you.

What is Vertex?

Vertex is a long term Minecraft server project. The primary goal of this project is to create a server that's different to what's out there and be pretty fun for most people. I (Laeven) alone develop all the plugins, features, and anything technical or mechanical specific to Vertex.

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What we have

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Our backend server infrastructure was built with performance and automation in mind.

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No Dependencies

We don't use any off-the-shelf plugins for any of our features. Removing 3rd parties from the equation allows more granular control and faster bug fixing.

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Our backend server infrastructure is modular. Modules can be docked and undocked at runtime.

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We're always looking for feedback on what we could do better. Nothing is ever perfect.

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We offer various types of additional authentication to keep your account secure in the event you get hacked.

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Dedicated Servers

We only use dedicated headless servers and nothing less. It's more secure and has higher reliability and stability.

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We make regular backups of everything to ensure the data integrity of the server is never compromised.

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Skill to Win

We will never sell you something that gives a competitive advantage. That way this forces people to use skill rather than their wallet.

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game modes

Below are game modes that are actively in development.

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Here is a small part of our FAQ. To read the the full FAQ, click the button below

  • What is the server IP?

    It's, though you could of gotten this by clicking the 'IP' button at the top of this page.

  • What mods can I use your server?

    You may use mods that enhance performance such as

    • Optifine
    • Sodium
    • Lithium
    • Phosphor

    Mods that enhance the look, feel, and sound of the game such as

    • Iris/GLSL Shaders
    • Auditory
    • ExtraSounds
    • PresenceFootsteps
    • ReplayMod

    Mods that enhance the experience and provide QOL features such as

    • Simple Voice Chat
    • Xaero's Minimap
    • JourneyMap
    • Litematica

    Other than that, you must check with an Administrator. Hacked clients and the mods that are included in them are especially prohibited!

  • I got banned/muted! How can I appeal?

    If your offence is appealable, you can join our discord and open a standard ticket in the #tickets channel.

  • Where do I post bug reports?

    Bug reports can be posted in our discord by creating a bug report ticket in the #tickets channel.

  • I need help with a feature of the server

    Have a look at our documenation here. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask a member of staff.


Come hang out in our discord!

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