Below are some frequently asked questions about vertex. If you have any other questions regarding us, do feel free to ask us in our discord.

  • When will other game modes be released?

    Can't promise any dates as we're a small team. They're done when they're done. Laeven does the brunt of work when it comes to feature development, website development, and server maintenance.

  • Do you have a forum?

    We don't have the funds nor the staff or time to build and police a forum. For now, we are just using discord as a platform for announcements, discussion, and anything else related to Vertex.

  • What rules do I have to follow?

    You can find our full list of rules here

  • What mods can I use your server?

    You may use mods that enhance performance such as

    • Optifine
    • Sodium
    • Lithium
    • Phosphor

    Mods that enhance the look, feel, and sound of the game such as

    • Iris/GLSL Shaders
    • Auditory
    • ExtraSounds
    • PresenceFootsteps
    • ReplayMod

    Mods that enhance the experience and provide QOL features such as

    • Simple Voice Chat
    • Xaero's Minimap
    • JourneyMap
    • Litematica

    Other than that, you must check with an Administrator. Hacked clients and the mods that are included in them are especially prohibited!

  • Is Vertex 1.8 compatible

    It is not. We have no intention of providing support for it. We don't have the time or the resources to commit to supporting this.

  • What is the server IP?

    It's play.vertexmc.org, though you could of gotten this by clicking the 'IP' button the home page.

  • I have a question not listed here

    Join our discord and post the question in #inquiries. A member of staff or an administrator will assist you.

  • I need help with a feature of the server

    Have a look at our documenation here. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask a member of staff.