Rules of Vertex

Bellow are a list of rules that must be followed on ALL vertex servers unless we specifically state otherwise. Failure to do so will result in a bad time for you! Our staff reserves the right to take action against you for any act you commit that we deem immoral, regardless if it's listed here or not.

# Chat
1 Toxic Behaviour
2 Discrimination
3 Verbal Abuse
4 Foreign language in global chat
5 Encouraging Rule Breaking
6 Spamming
7 Filter Evading
# Cheating
1 Bug Exploitation
2 Botting/Macro Use
3 AFK Evading
4 Illegal Movement Mods
5 Illegal Combat Mods
6 Illegal Rendering Mods
# Gameplay
1 Griefing
2 Offensive Structures
3 In-Game Scamming
4 Inappropriate Skin/Cape
5 Inappropriate Username
# Security
1 Talk of Real-World Trading
2 Real-World Trading
3 Threat of Dos/DDoS OR Threat of Dox
4 Doxing
5 Dos/DDoS