A wasteland at the end of time

What is it?


In a world where you stand at the end of time. The dust beneath your feet carries the history of all previous eons. Stranded on a dying planet, you must take shelter in your vault, research many new technologies and build a sustainable future for yourself. Anarchy is everywhere for no one calls the shots anymore. Be carful who you trust, it may end up costing you everything.



Toxic Atmosphere

The air on the planet is toxic to breath. It's also very hot during the days and very cold during the nights. You must wear special equipment to prevent you from the atmosphere and the elements.

Vault Creation System

Your vault will act as your safest base of operations. Initally starting out as an 11x11x11 area, you can expand it to a maximum size of 51x51x256. All this space can be used for whatever you wish: Storing loot, building inventions, providing beds for workers etc. The air in your vault is non toxic and the thick walls shield you from the outside elements. In the event your vault is raided you can move the entrance to a different spot in the world.

Technology Tree

A system that is used when interacting with a workbench to built new types of technology that can assist you out in the wasteland or inside the vault. These can be new types of weapons, better power generators, new augment perks etc. Some technologies can only be found by raiding sentient AI bases or by killing monsters.

Tiers of Tools

There are 10 tiers of tools and weapons that can be acquired; Wood, Stone, Iron, Steel, Gilded Steel, Diamond, Virtanium, Ethereal, Uranium-235, Void


Players are able to set a cash bounty on you at any time. The first person to kill you gets that cash. Multiple bounties can be placed on any player and will stack. Sometimes the server will set a bouty on a random player.

Level System

A simple level system which starts at 1 and can go up to a maximum of 120. Experience can be gained through killing monsters, killing pllayers, raiding bases, and researching technologies. With each level gained, you will gain 100 more health and 2 perk points. These perk points can be spent on the following; Damage Mitigation, Crafting Efficiency, Beast Handling, Raw Strength, Advanced Invention, Silent Stealing, and Alert & Aware.