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Vertex was founded in 2019 to create game modes that are cocktails of genuinely fun features.

To accomplish this, we don't use off-the-shelf plugins. We use in-house developed plugins. Why? For a number a reasons. Off-the-shelf plugins can fit into one or many of these categories.

  • They're buggy
  • They're exploitable
  • They're an attack vector
  • They cause dependancy hell
  • Compatibility issues with other plugins
  • Licensing issues
  • Waiting on the author to fix or update their plugin can be longer than the heat death of the universe

We also develop additional in-house security systems to keep player data safe and attackers at bay. No security is ever perfect, but it's better than most servers.

Our in-house solution makes heavy use of automation to remove areas where human input used to be needed. Along with other systems we've developed internally to do the heavily lifting, this allows us to build new features for our community faster, sharper, and better.

Please note that we’re not an official Minecraft realm, server or service. We're not affiliated, partnered or endorsed by Mojang or Microsoft. Everything here is developed and built with love by Vertex.


  • Vertex Founded

    Vertex was founded on May 17th 2019. Development begins!

  • VertexCore deployed

    Our first backend server system gets deployed for prod testing. Codename VertexCore

  • Mellow Alpha Launch

    We launch our first game mode, Mellow. Survival Minecraft with some new mechanics added into the mix.

  • Mellow Alpha 2

    Alpha 2 is launched with a bunch more mechanics along with some special Halloween items!

  • Mellow Beta

    Mellow goes into its beta phase.

  • Mellow Release

    Mellow gets its full release.

  • Realm of Allura joins Vertex

    A minecraft server community known as Realm of Allura (previously known as World of Atlas) has merged with us.

  • Mellow re-release

    Mellow gets a re-release with our new members from Allura.

  • Major Organisation Re-structure

    Vertex has a major restructure of the way it operates.

  • Arc is deployed

    After a year of initial development, our new backend server system is released. Codename Arc. Built from scratch to be a superior version to its predecessor, VertexCore. VertexCore is also retired.

  • Allura Release & end of classic Vertex

    Allura is released. Our 4th map reset. Alongside this, the end of the classic era of Vertex.

  • 3 Year Anniversary

    Vertex turns 3 years old.

  • Allura Beta Testing

    New Allura gets beta tested with new mechanics.

  • Allura Release

    Allura gets a map reset and moved to 1.19.2 with some new mechanics.

  • Construct is announced

    Construct is a new game mode designed to focus more on the building and roleplay aspect of Minecraft.

  • Construct Alpha release

    Construct is released and now in Alpha.

  • 5 Year Anniversary

    Vertex is half a decade old.

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We are the main 4 who run Vertex. You can see who we are and what our role is.


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